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I am retired for long time ago (www.allansass.dk) and still have a lot of original and digital sets of nude models for sale. All by world leading Glamour Photographers.

Sets can be sold one by one, or everything in the storage, which at the moment is  975 sets of slides and 4200 scanned sets.
Prices  EU 0,80 per slide/scanned image. I only charge for max 120 images in a set no matter how big it is.
(minumun sale for shipping original images, EU 68,-)
High rez 300dpi at about 3200 to 3800 pixels. (4000 pixels 1:1)  
The High rez images includes All rights and both the slides and the scans, if both are available.
Low rez images (webready) 1080-1920 pixels, 72 dpi, for pc, etc.  Prices EU 0,40.  

300-650         images   5%      Discount off for low and high rez images. Discount cannot be combined.
651-1300       images 10%
1301-3500     images 20%
3501-7000     images 25%
7001-18000   images 30%
more please ask...

Original sets are only mailed as recommended mail, which will cost you extra, from 250 grams letter, EU 16,- to 2kg. parcel, EU 38,-. Price for Europe.
All slide sets are mostly Kodachrome 35mm and a few sets in 6x6cm or 6x7cm. And the scanned sets are also from Kodachrome.

The scanned sets are mostly Kodachromes  from 1972 and up to about 2005.  Digital images are shot from 2005 up to 2010.

List of original slides/sets  by models first name.              search does not show all instances of a name
Thumbnails referring to setno.           
List of scanned images. and scan specifications.

All inquiries to allan@sass.dk                 www.allansass.dk

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