Famous nude models - Nude Models 1972-2010

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I am retired for long time ago and still have a lot of original sets of nude models for sale. All by world leading Glamour Photographers.

Sets can be sold one by one or everything in the storage, which at the moment are about 1200 sets of slides and 4200 scanned sets. Prices  EU 0,80 per slide/scanned image.  (minumun sale EU 68,-)
It includes All rights and both slides and the scans if both are available. 
Low rez images for pc, etc. can be sold at half price.

Original sets are only mailed as recommended mail, which will cost you extra, from 250 grams letter, EU 16,- to 2kg. parcel, EU 38,-.
All slide sets are mostly Kodachrome 35mm and a few sets in 6x6cm or 6x7cm. And the scanned sets are also from Kodachrome.

The sets are from 1972 and up to about 2005. Digital images up to 2010.

I also have about 4200 scanned sets.  All scanned in high resolution for publishing. Prices are the same as above.
See the list of scanned images. and scan specifications.

All inquiries to allan@sass.dk                  www.allansass.dk

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